New Hampshire Mobility Dashboard

Developed by TRIP - A National Transportation Research Nonprofit

Mobility and the accessibility it affords are critical factors in a state or region's quality of life and economic competitiveness, impacting the ability of people and businesses to efficiently and safely access employment, customers, commerce recreation, education, healthcare, and social interaction.

TRIP's "New Hampshire Mobility Dashboard" reports examine critical components of the state's surface transportation system and evaluate, statewide and regionally, their adequacy in providing safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility. Each report provides an evaluation on individual components of the state's transportation system, including graphics, to help illustrate the reports' findings.
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Roadway/Highway Conditions
  • Rural & urban pavement conditions
  • Costs to motorists of rough roads
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Transportation Safety
  • Statewide traffic fatalities
  • Factors impacting traffic safety
  • Roadway safety improvements
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Transportation & Economic Growth in NH
  • The need to improve U.S. freight network
  • Adjustments needed to improve reliability of shipments
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Bridge Conditions
  • Bridge conditions
  • Most deficient bridges in New Hampshire
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Traffic Congestion
  • Trends in vehicle miles of travel
  • Cost of traffic congestion
  • Most congested corridors
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Transportation Funding in NH
  • Fixing America's SurfaceTransportation (FAST) Act
  • The nation's $786 billion backlog in needed repairs and improvements to roads & bridges